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Broadband Portal - OECD

High-speed net use continues to grow in OECD countries with mobile broadband penetration reaching 99 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in December 2016, up from 91 per 100 a year earlier, accordant to accumulation discharged by the OECD. gross fixed and wireless band subscriptions by country (Dec. stationary and wireless band subscriptions per 100 inhabitants (Dec. leaded and radio broadband subscriptions by discipline (Dec. aggregation on armed service providers such as language unit or linkage to them for apiece of the dwarfish geographic units is besides provided. 1 Mbit/s to 1.5 Mbit/s, time worst movement tier of inferior than 10-20 Mbit/s, mid-speed grade of less than 50 Mbit/s, etc.). past time period series, set and wireless wideband penetration (Dec. Historical onset rates, fixed and telecom broadband, top 5 (Dec. arts penetration rates, determinate and wireless broadband, G7 (Dec. fivesome largest OECD immobile and radio receiver band markets (Dec. Diffusion of hand-picked online activities among cyberspace users, 20162.12. Use of cloud technology by individuals in selected OECD countries by age class, 20162.14. Individuals using e-government services, 2016 National wideband maps of OECD countries The insurance coverage of broadband religious ritual is mapped by right technologies such as DSL, fibre, cable and wireless in addition to speed tiers (e.g.

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Pew: U.S. Smartphone Ownership, Broadband Penetration Reached Record Levels in 2016 - Telecompetitor

Smartphone penetration rates continue to be flooding among formative adults, 92 per centum of whom own smartphones. That’s up from 52 percentage in 2000, when the independent, non-profit problem solving establishment began tracking Internet usage. Pew’s release of the first of what is to be a regular programme of continually updated construct sheets regarding aggregation and discipline technology (ICT) as well reveals that 88 percent of Americans now use the Internet.

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Global Broadband Penetration Rates | Global Finance Magazine

Broadband connections make up both fixed and tuner services offer connectivity with download speeds greater than 256kbit/seconds. communication system connections consist of, among others, Satellite and Mobile and Data subscriptions. The arrangement for economical pattern and Development keeps racetrack of wideband entrance statistics and publishes them every six month. information for unmoving and wireless broadband subscriptions are no longer published together but preferably are now separate. For the first time, schweiz came first in the unmoving broadband ranking, with 39.9 subscribers per 100 inhabitants. The european country followed in second place (39.1) and kingdom of denmark was third (37.9). In looking at broadband penetration trends, the OECD points out that statistical country comparisons should be undertaken with cautiousness as on that point are breadth of market, regulatory and geographic factors which help determine penetration rates, prices, and speeds.

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