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Prospective of 68Ga-Radiopharmaceutical Development

Nanotheranostics International periodical of begotten Sciences International account book of Medical Sciences Journal of Cancer Journal of genetics periodical of drum and Joint Infection Journal of Biomedicine Oncomedicine Top Introduction Role of PET in nuclear medicine Unmet medical of necessity Development of scanner hardware... Biomarkers, targets, and ligands PET radiopharmaceutical... The follow up presents the prospects of the Ga-related knowledge domain articles promulgated during 2011-2012 stands for complete 45% of all publications since 1956 (Figure 1). The prospective exercise of the Ga-radiopharmaceuticals must be put in the context of several aspects such as role of PET in nuclear medicine, unmet learned profession needs, identity of new biomarkers, targets and corresponding ligands, industry and accessibility of Ga, automation of the radiopharmaceutical production, advance of positron body process tomography technologies and image analysis methodologies for improved quantitation accuracy, PET radiopharmaceutical regulations as well as advances in pharmaceutical chemistry. Development and availability of new radiopharmaceuticals specific for special diseases is one of the driving forces of the step-up of clinical PET.

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