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New Study Says Men Should Masturbate 21 Times a Month—Here’s Why  - Health

Male onanism jokes always get laughs in pal movies and play routines. But a new survey actually has thing grave to say about the typical dude's favorite shower activity: Masturbating frequently could importantly reduce a man's peril of endocrine cancer. According to recent problem solving from Harvard University, men who have 21 or many more orgasms per month could cut their odds by 33%. RELATED: 12 Things Men Must accept around PSA Tests To range these findings, researchers surveyed 31,925 men, sending them questionnaires approximately how oft-times they involved in self-love.

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The Psychology of Exhibitionism: Why Men Force Women to Watch Them Masturbate - NBC News

Power, control, and a diseased wish to provoke fear all play into why a man might betroth in exhibitionism, sex therapists say, in the wake of bombshell revelations against comic Louis C. Two female comedians told the New York time this period of time that Louis C. masturbated in presence of them in 2002 in a hotel room after tempting them up for a drink. Three past women told the case about other instances of sexual misconduct by the mortal of the FX serial publication "Louie." On Friday, Louis C. confirmed the accounts and aforementioned he was "remorseful." "These stories are true," he aforementioned in a statement. "At the time, I said to myself that what I did was fine because I never showed a woman my prick without asking first, which is too true.

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A sex therapist on why some men force women to watch them masturbate.

Some of the most heavy past allegations of sexual ravishment involve men forcing women to watch them masturbate. Journalist Lauren siwan says that after she rejected dr. Weinstein’s attempt to touch her at a restaurant, he told her to “stand there and shut up,” earlier jerking off into a abridged plant. On a vessel in Cannes, the kind Angie Everhart alleges that she woke up from a nap to find Weinstein standing over her while masturbating, his body block the compartment door.

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