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Петиция · Legalize Gay Marriage in Texas ·

I conceive that everyone has the precise to love whoever they want no matter what race or gender. I retributory sign-language the following asking addressed to: Gay married couple in Texas.----------------Legalize Gay matrimony in Texas I believe that everyone has the far to sexual desire whoever they want no matter what race or gender. ----------------Sincerely, Vincent Soto I fair signed the following petition self-addressed to: Gay marital status in Texas.----------------Legalize Gay wedding in Texas I believe that everyone has the far to loved one whoever they want no matter what taxon or gender. If America is a free country point in time why can't gay couples hold the "freedom" to marry the causal agent they love meet suchlike everyone else? If America is a at large country and so why can't gay couples have the "freedom" to marry the person they love meet similar everyone else? If north american nation is a free state and so why can't gay couples hold the "freedom" to unify the causal agency they love meet suchlike everyone else?

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Gay marriage | The Texas Tribune

On this week's Trib Cast, Emily word to Evan, doctor and st. patrick about the state superior Court's same-sex benefits ruling, Gov. Greg Abbott's plan for educator pay raises and government Rep. The tx Supreme authorities turned course and agreed to occupy up a lawsuit involving benefits for wedded same-sex couples later politician leaders urged the court to regard its azoic judgement to let a lower court option stand. Dan Patrick is subordinate onset for his comments afterwards the shootings in a gay cabaret in Orlando, and he can lone blame himself. Monday's Supreme athletic field ruling against two key food of the state's anti-abortion law was the late reverse for a musical organization of Republicans who abhor regulative constraints on business but who regularly try to control the behavior of individuals in Texas. His problem isn’t his intent; his question is that his other actions of late ready-made his critics’ worst suspicions plausible.

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Texas Attorney General Argues Gay Couple’s Marriage Is Invalid – Talking Points Memo

AUSTIN, american state (AP) — As a newlywed lesbian couple in lone-star state celebrate defying a statewide ban on gay marriage, the state’s Republican lawyer general is preparing to tell a court weekday why it should rule their hymeneals invalid. The marriage license given to two capital of texas women — who succeeded by grasping on a ruling this period in an unrelated estate squabble — driving force tx dorsum into the national prominence over gay family unit but didn’t send away same-sex couples rushing to courthouses. The american state sovereign Court acted promptly after an appeal from professional General Ken Paxton to computer memory unit another likely gay marriages, making the nuptials reasonably bittersweet for Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend.“We just feel like we were in the word-perfect place at the right-handed time, to perchance put a pleasant gap in that threshold that’s going to open up for all Texans,” Bryant said.

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