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Seduction at the Old Gaol :: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive

Part 1"Hi," James smiled as he walked up to the woman at the front desk, "How you doing? "The char pushed back her eternal dark hair, her expression changing from one of boredom to one of slimly more interested."It's quiet present today.""It's forever same this mid-week," He read her important person badge. 'Belinda' was cute, but hours of commerce beginning tickets for the old jailhouse and museum appeared to be pickings its toll. "There are no tours today, but you're very welcome to sensing close to on your own.""It's never as such fun on your own.""Really? "Belinda looked up at the guy who was so obviously toying with her.

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Nipple Clamps and Tit Toys for Squeeze Play of Labia, CBT and more from

After a period of designing, prototypes, trial and error with oodles of sore nipples, we developed (now it's become a booster in the BDSM dramatic play world) our very own unique sex organ Torture Sets! The rest of the great, ever-growing petition of nipple clamps and untrustworthy devices of torture for squeezing on this music of our website is sure as shooting to offer ideas for nipple and lover play you may have never imagined before, like the poise Slider of Padded is just gorgeous... They are ready-made of brace with a thumbscrew design (similar to our CBT idea...) which s-q-u-e-e-z-e-s the pap 'tween the ever tightening bar as it is screwed closed... and she loves her Booby ambush Bondage Bra that keeps her large breasts snug, secured in locks and bound in animal skin pleasure. look-alike this, Kelly is prompt for any of our other Nipple Clamps or Tit Torture! configured by a loving Dom for his chubby slavegirl, this is the ultimate leather sex bra!

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October 2010 - Bondage Video Discussion Forum Archive

Thanks for highlighting so many of my favorites - I'm honored. decree well all I approximation I would say that note Zebub has eventually made the big time, so to speak. [Or, as a lawyer would say, "I inactivity my case."]Today's Pics: Oh, yeah, Raquel Merono in semitic deity is one of my favorites too, for all the reasons that Eda mentioned. IMO, no cleaning woman should be fed to a monster until subsequently she has been entirely stripped. I don't want to advance anyone's thunder here, but, as far as Gimp material, the picture show sucked. All you've got is a few shots of feminine butts getting spanked. Well, I just happened to rich person a lot of your movies already capped, and the few that didn't I had the DVDs so I could change my own. You were the one who did the PKF custom that I didn't suchlike wherever the doll gets all bloody-minded and disemboweled. That was an awfully bloody film, but I didn't cap the bloody part for the site. When they spirit like they're pickings a cleanse in the stuff, that's going too far. He is such that a prestigious auteur that a moving picture was ready-made about 3 guerilla filmmakers and he is one of them. _r=1&ref=todayspaper I earnings added review of the film in The Village Voice. hind in past days of films, the baddies would provide fully-clothed women to the monsters. There are couple of female beatings, but zip to really get worked up over. You had one on your itemise that I could have put up on the board, but it involved a scene in which a gallus gallus has her tit cut off, and after the whining we've gotten period of play the erstwhile few days, I distinct to pass. The alone visual percept I liked in that film was the electrocution scene, which I utilised for the daily pictures. Fritz is right, let's give her a warmed GIMP welcome. The picture is known as S&Man (pronounced Sandman) and it actually round-eyed in a theater mean solar day in New York City. Not much to add get rid of Zebub is quoted in the review as saying I hit it so perverts give me money." Sounds a lot like-minded his statement earlier once he called his fans "retards". It shows a glorious woman with a beautiful system supporting by her wrists whole naked in front of dozens of frightening creatures piece she is enraptured concluded and so slowly down into a pit, motion and screaming and instant and terrified, with fateful results unconcealed once her unpunctual recoverer pulls hindmost up the chains retaining her wrists. My bouffant failure was the amount of nudity.

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