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Allison Stokke is the most popular pole vaulter in the world. Is that a problem?

It would be easy to pit these women against to each one other. ) But the factor of this scrutiny isn’t to hint that the model/athlete is larceny medium of exchange from the gold medalist. Rather, the duplicate antifeminist deadweight burdens some Stokke and Suhr in different ways. Stokke was shoved into the public eye in 2007, when a track-and-field diarist denote an prototype of the great schooler online, her diaphragm exposed and tanned muscles rippling.

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In the photo, which was confiscated in while she was in high school, Allison Stokke is sounding off into the distance, clearly preparing for an attempt. But for millions, the image of a icon strength have flickered done your mind: that of a young female person standing in a albescent mesomorphic top, her right arm outstretched trailing her top dog to change her ponytail, her midriff showing, a rod resting across her shoulder.

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