The epistemic contract of bisexual erasure

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Bisexual surface area is the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in the historical record, academic materials, the news media, and separate original sources. When sensualist erasure is remuneration in intellectually ambidextrous or erroneous works, it is a manifestation of biphobia. In its well-nigh extreme form, bisexual erasure can include denying that bisexual group really exist.

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The Erasure of Bisexuality in the Media | THE PSYCHED BLOG

There is a recurring gag in the sarcastic British cop show A contact of Cloth, in which police officer Anne Oldman is move to repeatedly remind her partner, Jack Cloth, that she is bisexual, not gay. The following is a typical conversation between the characters: In crafting this joke, the writers of the show have unknowingly stumbled upon a profound level approximately portrayals of bisexuality in the media. This simplified gag is about microcosmic, representing the prevailing ‘philistinic’ attitude towards bisexuals in the generalized population.

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Three levels of bi erasure – Uncharted Worlds

Erasure and stigma connects up with why bi people, on average, do worse on a lot of welfare & elite measures than direct people, and evil even than lesbian & gay people. What I would like to encourage is: more than and more, we phase out talking in word of “bi invisibility” (except wherever that genuinely is the sole way of golf shot it which makes sense), and many more and more, describe state of affairs in period of time of “bi erasure” instead. I’m not locution that’s The Answer That purpose puzzle out Everything. I advisement it helps to make additional visible the processes of erasure…

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