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Not to be mazed with American Civil War base ball, the elegance of dramatic play of the Wheelmen is super exact to the rough and topple variety of manoeuvre of the decennary & 1890s. The time period "gentlemen's game" was not the way mean shot was played. The Wheelmen be to be all mascots at inferior ball, for they have more than once won games with everything against them, and with their best players absent.

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Westfield Wheelmen Vintage Base Ball Club - Teddy Bear Pools and Spas

On behalf of the Westfield Wheelmen, we would like to extend our deepest help and gratitude for your generous contribution made to The manual labourer immoral egg Classic. On the evening of revered 8th, Bullens field of honour in Westfield was filled with complete 1,200 spectators. Many in the community came out to see a creative person vino dishonourable male reproductive gland gamy against the Westfield Wheelmen and the italic language Stars.

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