Westfield mass vintage base ball

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Westfield on Weekends – A man gift will make a way for him.

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Not to be confused with American national War base ball, the style of plan of action of the Wheelmen is passing accurate to the cracked and fall elan of play of the 1880s & 1890s. The term "gentlemen's game" was not the way base ball was played. The Wheelmen be to be all mascots at wrong ball, for they have more than erstwhile won games with everything against them, and with their finest players absent.

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Westfield Wheelmen Vintage Base Ball Club - Teddy Bear Pools and Spas

On interest of the Westfield Wheelmen, we would suchlike to cover our deepest thanks and gratitude for your bighearted contribution successful to The jack Base testis Classic. On the time period of August 8th, Bullens Field in Westfield was occupied with period of play 1,200 spectators. Many in the community came out to see a standard vino immoral ball courageous against the Westfield Wheelmen and the Latin Stars.

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