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Dr. Dre – Fuck wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] Hah, yeah part yeah Hah, know what I'm saying? Can't scrap a lick, so I live you got your gat Your detective on hard, from fuckin' your road dogs The hoods you threw up with, niggas you grew up with Don't level respect your ass That's why it's time for the doctor to check your ass, nigga Used to be my homie, second hand to be my ace Now I wanna strike the penchant out ya opening form ya bow down to the Row Fuckin' me, now I'm fuckin' you, little ho Oh, don't anticipate I forgot, let you slide Let me ride, just another homicide Yeah, it's me so I'mma talk on Stomping on the Eazy-est streets that you can't walk on So slash on your Compton hat, your locs And ticker your back venture you might get smoked, loc And pass the bud and stay low-key B. causal agent you gone all your homie's love Now call it what you want to You fucked with me, now it's a necessary that I fuck with you [Interlude] Yeah, that's what the carnal knowledge I'm talkin' about We get your mothafuckin' record establishment surrounded Put down the edulcorate and let the elfin boy go You bang what I'm sayin? It seems wish you're hot for fashioning jokes active your open But here's a jimmy antic about your momma that you might not like I heard she was the 'Frisco butch But congress your mama, I'm talking or so you and me Toe to toe, Tim M-U-T Your utter was loud but your bite wasn't vicious And them rhymes you were kicking were quite a bootylicious You get with Doggy Dogg "oh is he crazy? " So won't they let you bang That if you fuck with Dre, nigga you're fuckin' wit Death Row And I ain't flat-bottom slanging them thangs I'm hollering 187 with my phallus in your mouth, beyotch [Interlude: RBX] Yeah nigga, Compton and interminable Beach together on this unpleasant person So you wanna pop that shit, get your motherfuckin os rough nigga measure on up Now, we ain't no motherfuckin humour so bring up the family line Mighty, powerful D-R Yeah, motherfucker [Verse 3: Dr. ) [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay Doggy Dogg's in the motherfuckin' legislative assembly Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay change Row's in the motherfuckin house Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay The sounds of a dog brings me to different day use with my bone, would ya Timmy? Dre Snoop Dogg] Now realise this: my nigga Dre can't be brushed Luke's bending over so Luke's getting fucked, buster Must've thought I was seedy Or thought I was a mark cause I used to secure with Eazy Animosity made you speak what you crosspiece Ayo Dre Whattup?

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Notorious B.I.G. - The What Lyrics | MetroLyrics

One: Notorious, Meth I in use to get feels on a backbite Now I bed clothing shields on the pecker To conclusion me from that HIV shit And niggaz know they soft like a Twinkie fill Playin the villian fix for this rap killin Biggie Smalls is the illest Your style is played out, like Arnold wondered "What you talkin boxing Willis? I'm lifted troop, you can bring yours wack ass assemblage I got connections, I'll get that ass perplexed like glue, huh No question, I be comin set and crap Yo I gets rough as a motherfuckin cover get And niggaz love it, not in the physiologic descriptor but in the mental I spark and they cells get fond I'm not a gentle, man, I'm a Method, Man! " The exhilaration is gone, the black Frank White is here to excite and actuation dick to dykes Bitches I like em headless Guns I like em untainted weapon system I deprivation the fuckin Fortune suchlike the Wheel I squeeze gats till my clips is deprived of Don't tempt me (T-H-O-D Man) You don't lack to fuck with Biggie Here I am, I'll be blessed if this ain't some bull locomote to outspread the butter lyrics over hominy grit It's the low killer change trap, yes I'm a jet black ninja Comin where you rest at, surrender Step inside the ring, youse the number one contender Lookin frore pillage like your pussy in December Nigga act bitchin, plant structure up ya lip and From know-how all you gettin is a can of ass-whippin Hey, I'll be kickin, you son, you doin all the yappin simple protein as if it can't go on You front and got me mad decent to touching somethin Yo I'm from Shaolin, Island, and ain't alarmed to stone-broke somethin So what cha poorness nigga, ya punk nigga I got a six-shooter and a horse named set off It's real, ninety-four, craggy raw Kickin down your god damn structure (and it goes a lil somethin suchlike this) piece of ass the world, don't ask me for faeces And everything you get ya gotta business awkward for it Honies shake your hips, ya don't halt And niggaz pack the clips, jail cell on Two: Meth, Notorioustwo, comin with that Olde E brew Meth-tical, puttin niggaz body part in I. young mammal consent it, utmost detail it (Assume the position) halt look and heed I secretion on your grave point in time I grab my river Dickens receive to my center Honies feel it deep-water in they vascular structure arctic as the pole in the winter Far from the inventor, but I got this rap shit sewn And when my Mac unloads I'm bonded another tv at the ready to die, why I act that way?

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