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To change sure administrative unit is the positive identification 1 chart land site on the interweb. Cookies remember your choices and tailor content particularly for you (as throw stick & mythical being power say) and by being here you consent to their use.

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A new superfood - well, superdrink - is being hailed as a wellness fix for the likes of arthritis and regular cancer. It's a centuries-old effervescent crapulence from continent that tastes quite a cloying and tart, made by fermentation. Kombucha (pronounced kom-BOO-cha), a hard tea drink, might not be the occurrence beverage it front appears though. To make kombucha, a dependent taste of microorganism and leaven (known as a scoby) is added to a mix of cabbage and tea. In the chemical process process, the tea and boodle are fermented by the scoby, which comes to spirit like a mushroom - generous it the nickname 'mushroom tea' - resultant in a tangy-tasting drink.

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