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13 Things Never to Say to Bisexual People |

As a dignified bisexual man, for years I've had to navigate the complex gray area that my identity occupies on the sexuality spectrum. Despite all of the gains the LGBT community has made, bisexuals are still looked upon with error — or outright scorn — by gays, lesbians, and unpermed masses alike. From mass interrogative me if I was "full-blown gay yet" to others sceptical my motivations, I've likely heard it all.

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MALE bisexuality does not exist [Archive] - I-Mockery Forum

MALE gender does not exist, psychologists in the US have claimed. A new study concludes that the large majority of men purporting to be bisexual are actually gay, while the rest are more plausible to be heterosexual. higher-ranking author archangel Bailey, from northwesterly University in Chicago, said: "Bisexual male deportment certainly exists, but the study suggests that a androgynous orientation, an real sexual druthers for some men and women, does not be in men.

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How to prove bisexuality doesn’t exist | Teaching The Difference

Electrodes to the naughty bits and porno slideshows? If the mass we’ve distinct to call “representative” don’t react exactly identically to a piece of ground of genders, if they show any predilection we can shove them to the poles and throw out a eye ground. Adverts in the “LGBT” press should net a gathering of predominantly one-sided responses. That’s great for confirming biases and stereotypes. If you aren’t bisexual yourself so how can anyone added be?

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